The Aethernaut's Log Void Date 26th May 2020 AD


Another mixed bag of a day where I got somethings I wanted done other things have fallen on the wayside. Though the highlight of the day was I actually got to leave the house for the first time in six weeks sadly it was only yo the Hospital as I needed to give blood for test as I have to see the Oncologist on Thursday. It was not exactly most exciting trip out but it was something I had to do. It is all part of fighting the return of the Tumour.

The preparations for the next Over the Edge Role-Playing game I am running this Saturday are going well considering I am having fun thinking of ideas for the game plus the fact it really looks like most of the game I will have to ad lib but t least it will be on-lie so the player will not see me panicking. One of the better things about doing on-line I can hide my mistakes even better than face to face.

The one good thing that has come out of this current crisis is now I am learning the art of running role-playing games on-line which means I could if I wanted too run role-playing games for a wider audience. It also means the local role-playing group very nature could change to being both a live and on-line Tabletop Role-Playing group. This is a very exciting prospect and direction the group can go.

It is one of those times when a crisis throws up a new unexplored opportunity for myself rather like others around me who only see the problems.

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