The Aethernaut's Log Void Date 25th May 2020 AD


It has been one of those weekends when I could not concentrate on anything and easy distracted by other things which meant I do not get a lot done in the end. In the end it felt like I was going around in circles not really achieving anything constructive. All not helped by some events in world around me both annoying me and getting myself into the trap of circular thought.

I will have to do something this week as I have the next session of the Role-Playing game I am currently running this Saturday and I do need material and some idea what is going to happen as I owe it to my players. Plus currently the role-playing is the only thing which is keeping me same and giving me that much needed connection to the world in these difficult times.

Irony this week I actually get to go out of the house legitimately tough both times it is for Hospital appointments as it is that time when I have to see my Oncologist and get the next lot of Chemotherapy tablets. All this is part of what I am going through and now I take in my stride as it will mean I will continue to have a normal life regardless of the small inconveniences.

I really hope I get focused this week as sitting around doing nothing and brooding over things i never a good place for me to be.

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