The Aethernaut's Log Void Date 22nd May 2020 AD


At the moment there is this strange effect that the weeks pass quickly but last week seams to be a long time ago and it must because of the lock down and I’m still under shielding. It all bit depressing as it really feels like time is flying by with little really happening regardless of the fact our house is slowly being sorted out and I’m still running role-playing games successfully on-line.

I think I have said this before it is because for most of my life I have allowed work to define my life and how I pass my time. A trap we all fall into how hard we try so in the next few months I am going to have to learn how redefine my life so work becomes what it should be an ends to the means not the centre of my life. Something which I am going to have to find help to do as it very ingrained into my Psyche at the moment yet another battle with myself.

Other than this lock down has not total sent me insane yet but I am missing talking to people outside of my partner and people I role-play with. Even myself sometimes crave talking to new people or old friends at times regardless I am happy other times to have days when I do not want to talk to anyone. Both are natural states of human beings even the fact we flip between these states. The greatest shame is most people around me simply do not understand this though I do have great advantage in so much my battle with my depression and anxiety has meant I have learnt a lot about how I tick.

The current issue I have is deciding what Role-Playing games I want to run next after Over the Edge in addition to the Vampire: The Masquerade Game which should start in mid-June and one a month after that. What really does not help is the glut of new games coming out all of which look fun to run with unique and different storyteller systems. It almost feels like I am kid in a sweet shop currently.

So this week has been a mixed bag but mostly good and hopeful my shielding is not extended again.

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