The Aethernaut's Log Void Date 20th May 2020 AD


Another fun day of the lock down ahead but unlike others I know when my shielding ends which makes it more tolerable than most. Though that is assumes that it is not pushed back yet again because of the incompetence of those in power which would feel like a real slap in the face. the one thing that is getting me through this is the fact that I know when it is ending.

And before anyone thinks I think that things will get back to normal after this really do not understand me. I know and hope things will not get back to what it was before this crisis started. My personal view is we should all use this crisis to change things for the better once we get out of this crisis. Though from our own Establishment and it supporters within the general public are resisting this change because they know they will become irrelevant in the resulting new world which would not be a bad thing.

At the moment my biggest issue is getting motivation to do things though my mind as per usual full of ideas but has convinced itself it is not capable of doing anything. It is that fun battle I have with myself and my inner voice something which has been a constant over the years. At some point as always I will win and things will start moving forward again before grinding to a hold again.

But at least I have started to write in this log again so a start.

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