The Aethernaut's Log Void Date 14th June 2020 AD


Another week of lock down starts but at least now there is a faint hope that there will be an end to it for me but there is still that thought in the back of my mind that it may be extended because sadly those in power have really messed things up. But in the end it has been a worthwhile exercise as it made sure that I avoided catching the virus as if I caught the virus it would not be a pleasant experience.

At the moment I am finding it difficult not to spiral into a deep depression with all that is going on in the world around us that is a media which continuously looks on the dark side of our situation and money before lives and suffering of people. Add to this they simply refuse to look at the positive effects of the lock down as a chance to change things for the better.

But one again I constantly fight these dark clouds of depression which basically means I end up with days I do nothing really constructive and beat my chest in pointless battles against people who simply will not change because their fear of actually living. This something I cannot afford to do anymore as it become very clear to myself that living in fear is not an option for me anymore.

Half the art at the moment is finding a way to restart myself again and harness that darkness in my heart for better things use it to creating something rather than allow it to destroy me by it eating what makes up me. It seams as always my life is constant fight with myself and it looks like something I am going to do until the day I die.

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