The Aethernaut's Log Void Date 12th June 2020 AD


It has been a couple of weeks when I have been just holding myself together because the lock down is starting to really get on my nerves because of the uncertainties around it. As I have said not helped by those in power’s criminal incompetence who have succeed to make an already difficult situation even worse especially for people like myself who have to endure Shielding over the previous 12 weeks.

At the moment it is difficult to motivate myself to do anything as it really feels like nothing really worth the effort anymore not helped by the feeling the world outside is falling apart with the recent events happening world around us. It really does not help that people like myself are trapped in our homes because of the COVID-19 crisis. All further not helped by the suspicion that my shielding may be extended at the end of the month because of failures of others to control the whole crisis effectively.

On a better note as always I am started to fight back against this lethargy and start to work on a one-off role-playing game next week which should give me something more positive to focus on in this negative world of ours. Add to this I am starting to think about a new web site for my role-playing group I have been trying to create over the past year with mixed success.

So in the end it has not been all bad over the past weeks just difficult.

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