The Aethernaut's Log Void Date 12th July 2020 AD


After over 18 weeks of lock down and constant bombardment of misinformation and lies from a media that should know better at the moment I feel disconnected to the world around me. I have got to a point I do not want to leave my home a join a world which I now have nothing in common with that is a world based on hate, lies and ignorance. A world which lacks imagination, colour and basic humanity perpetuated by those two lazy to question those in power or happy to believe in the lies rather than face the truth.

The irony here if they faced the truth things would be so much easier as they would find what they were told was scary in the end not so scary but something which needs to be done. Yest the truth sometimes can be hard work but in the end it can be far more rewarding. From my personal experience lies just paper over the cracks and mean nothing ever gets done as they become excuses to do nothing and hide from the world.

I know this sounds very negative but it is how a feel at the moment trapped in a place I do not want to be anymore surrounded by people who want to live a lie. I see no way out at the moment as both recent events and those I surround myself with have conspired to aggravate may depression and dark thoughts.

Just how hard I try to escape even into my Role-Playing and imagination I cannot escape as the problems follow me. I am getting to a point of screaming at the world and finding a place where I can escape it once and for time.

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