People's Stomach for Brexit Has Gone!


What has become very clear as the COVID-19 continues here in the United Kingdom the people’s stomach for Brexit has gone as the crisis started to wake them up to realities of it. All aided by the fact the very government which started the whole Brexit process have not exactly acquitted themselves well during the crisis.

If anything the COVID-19 is finally starting to wake up people to the reality of Boris Johnson’s and Conservative Party government that is it is a government which has put both the economy and nationalism before people to a point their policies have been directly responsible for the unnecessary deaths and per-longing the crisis by their own incompetence. Add to this they are regularly caught out publicly in their own lies during their briefs and media appearances and a growing descent among the very right-wing press which helped them get into power with their own lies and half-truths.

This is all compounded by the muddled and confusing messages given by the government who brought us Brexit about lock down itself which rather than made the situation better for all during the lock down has caused great confusion and anxiety to the people and businesses during the one time they need clarity and reassurance during this time.

I get the feeling all those who wanted Brexit and trusted the current government under Boris Johnson to deliver it are finally waking up to the fact that Brexit was based on lies, half truths and delivered by a government which is and was simply not fit to govern. It has not gone unnoticed that people’s faith in our government, especially under the Conservatives, is collapsing as the governments incompetence has been laid bare because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Add to this it’s starting finally dawn on people that economic and social damage of Brexit is really not worth the effort or really a sensible thing to do now after the economic and social damage of the COVID-19 crisis. Strangely the one unpinning policy of Brexit limiting immigration of so called unskilled workers has been totally blown away as it has been unskilled workers both naive and immigrant have kept this country going during the lock down.

As I write the government continues to push Brexit through with all it’s damaging policies regardless that people do not have stomach for Brexit any more personally if they continue they will not be in power much longer as people including their own supporters are starting to turn their backs on them even distance themselves from a government which is an abject failure and simply put a disaster o a government.

The biggest irony is our PM Boris Johnson wants to be loved and appear as hero of the moment and at the moment he is being perceived as a comical and ineffectual figure who is leading the United Kingdom into a disaster of biblical proportions for a policy no one really wants any more.

I know this is a bit rambling but it reflects how I feel about the situation called Brexit and a personal feeling people are waking up to reality though just a shame it took a pandemic to wake them up to reality of the world. There is also an hope here that people are waking up something which keeps me going at the moment.

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