A Sad Reflection of Our World


Someone I worked with a while ago got me thinking about Political Correctness, its opponents and why they oppose it and they sort of summed it all up in a few words. They were against Political Correctness because it stopped him calling people names including racial minorities and people suffering disabilities.

It got me thinking it really sums up the opponents of Political Correctness they want the right to basically call people names that is names which put down, belittle and offend the people they are calling names. That is act like a children on the playground who use names to bully anyone who dares to be different or they believe are inferior to them.

It is almost as if these people need to call those they think who are inferior or different to themselves to validate themselves and their own political/world view. This in itself hows an insecurity and lack in their character which has to be made up by calling others names.

In the end what they can or will never understand the damage such actions have on people and the long term damage it does to the victim but there are those of us who have been at receiving end of this name calling understand just why Political Correctness was put in place in the first place.

As I said it is a sad reflection of our world that political correction almost has to be forced on some people because they lack the basic understanding of what they say and how it say things can effect people in a negative way. If they had thi understanding in the first place then Political Correctness would of never existed in the first place.

But tell them this all you will get from them is a blank look, says it all I think.

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